Getting Started with Unity – Review

Unity 3D engine has fast become a favourite amongst indie developers and mobile developers. It is a great engine to use and is being used to create more and more high profile games.

Getting Started with Unity is a good book for any beginner game developer who is wanting to start developing with Unity. The book starts at the very beginning, introducing the reader to the basic interface and most commonly used components. Using the same game project continuously throughout book allows the reader to see how all the aspects and topics in the book work together to create a game. This method of teaching works well and is very easy to follow due to the layout of the book.

The book covers scripting in Unity and uses Javascript. This is great for beginners as it is easier to learn Javascript. However, I would have preferred that they had used C# as I feel this is the more dominant language used for Unity.

The book covers a lot of topics, but due to the length of the book some chapters felt a little light on details. I do feel the book suffered slightly due to the scope of the game project and how short the book is. A simpler game with more detail on the basic topics might have been better suited to the audience of the book. Another issue that might be a problem in the future is the overuse of public assets. The author has the reader downloading assets from cgtextures, DaFont and FreeSound. This is fine as long as those files stay live but it could be an issue in the future. This could be solved by having these files included with the book.

Overall a good book for beginners and at the current price it’s worth a shot. If you’re already fairly familiar with Unity you might want to look for a book with more advanced topics.

3/5 Stars

The book can be found at:

Full disclosure: I received a free evaluation copy of the ebook for this review.


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