L4D2 Map - Camp Hope
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Custom Map - Tomb of Etheria
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WIP- Lazerus
iOS Game - Wizards Defence
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Zenith Level Design and Layout
Hello, my name is Lee Beever and you can always Contact me for any level design, game play scripting and game design work.


  • Lazerus - WIP

    My role involves implementing all game play mechanics and systems in UnrealScript, combining code with the art, animations and effects created by Antony. The game has been scripted using object ...

Dungeon Defenders Custom Map

  • Tomb of Etheria - Dungeon Defenders Map

    Tomb of Etheria was a map created by myself and Antony O'Sullivan for the Dungeon Defenders mapping contest. The brief was to create a map that supports up to 6 ...

Camp Hope

  • Camp Hope L4D2 Map

    Camp Hope is a 3 mission campaign for L4D2 which takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. The campaign is set in a military base up in the woods of Vermont ...

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