Level Design Projects

Tomb of Etheria 1.0

Tomb of Etheria was a map created by myself and Antony O’Sullivan for the Dungeon Defenders mapping contest using the Dungeon Defenders Development Kit (a custom version of UDK). The brief was to create a map that supports up to 6 players for the standard game type… [More]

Camp Hope – L4D2

Camp Hope is a 3 mission campaign for L4D2, which takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. The campaign is set in a military base in the woods of Vermont and is nick named Camp Hope by other survivors. The map supports offline single player, online co-op and online versus game… [More]

Bio Lab – Alien Breed 2

This level design concept and document was created for a Alien Breed 2: Assault created by Team17. Players work through each level (represented as a chapter) which presents them with an interesting story arc, a multitude of enemies and various different objectives to complete… [More]

Game Development Projects

badboidz game image


BADBOIDZ is a 2.5D 80s inspired puzzle game. The player controls the ship and transmits their movement to the BADBOIDZ. They must guide their BADBOIDZ to the portal to win whilst watching out for the traps along the way. The game was built for Global Game Jam 2018… [More]