The Game

Take Us Home is a shooter game based on the popular 70s/80s game, Asteroids. The player controls a space ship that must protect the orbiting planets from an asteroid attack whilst the planetary colonists evacuate. The player must ensure as many colonists make it to the rescue ship before it leaves.

Full playthrough of Take Us Home

The game uses screen wrapping, which gives the player more options for navigating the space, such as taking shortcuts to get to evacuees or take out an asteroid. However, it also makes the asteroids more deadly as once they appear on screen, they continue to wrap until they are destroyed. Players must manage their time between picking up evacuees and destroying asteroids.

The Project

The game was built for Ludum Dare 46. The theme was Keep It Alive, which inspired the idea of keeping the colonists alive whilst they evacuate. I was really happy with the end result as it was my first solo game jam. I feel I got the scope of the game spot on and the result is an all round polished and finished game.

Unity 2019.3 was used to build the game and it supports Windows, macOS and there is also a WebGL version. The game can be played in a browser or downloaded here.