This level design concept and document was created for a game called Alien Breed 2: Assault created by Team17. Alien Breed 2: Assault is an isometric shooter based on the original Alien Breed from 1991 and has been re-imagined in the Unreal Engine 3. Players work through each level (represented as a chapter) which presents them with an interesting story arc, a multitude of enemies and various different objectives to complete.

To ensure the level I created would fit into the Alien Breed universe, I played through the game for many hours as research. I noted down the types of enemies available, gameplay tropes used, and a general structure to their levels. I also found that it was developed using a modular approach, similar to that seen in games such as Skyrim and Fallout, only based on a square grid set up. With this research in mind, I created a level design concept I felt would fit into the universe, game play style and was compatible with their engine and level creation methodologies.

The design from pen and paper to the digital 2D layouts, 3D layout and completed level design document took 5 days.  The document can be viewed below in the PDF viewer. Some example images of the 3D mock-up can also be found in the gallery at the top.

Bio Lab - Level Design Document