The Game

BADBOIDZ is a 2.5D 80s inspired puzzle game. The player controls the ship and transmits their movement to the BADBOIDZ. They must guide their BADBOIDZ to the portal to win whilst watching out for the traps along the way.

The game makes use of a boids flocking system (built by James Sillet) with the unique spin that they will always try to follow the player ship when within a close proximity. The game features multiple different obstacles, such as the electric fences that halt boids in their track, the magnet that sucks them in and the disrupter that forces boids away from its centre. The player must navigate puzzle based levels, avoiding the obstacles, to deliver the required number of boids to the end goal.

BADBOIDZ gameplay preview. Unfortunately the GIF blows out the bloom.

The Project

The game was built for Global Game Jam 2018 as part of a staff, alumni and student team. We run a Global Game Jam site every year to support students taking part. We feel students benefit greatly from taking part and this year returning alumni and myself as staff got involved. My role on the project was as game designer, level designer and supporting programmer. The game was built in Unity for PC and can be played with a keyboard or gamepad.

You can download the game here.