Game Research Projects

The following projects are all related to my PhD (in progress) which is “Exploring Mixed Reality (VR and AR) for Level Design Workflows”.

LevelEd SR

The LevelEd SR system was built to explore substitutional reality (SR) entertainment games benefits and to also demonstrate a prototype SR level editor system and workflow. Substitutional reality allows players to integrate real-world objects into a virtual reality experience… [More]

LevelEd VR

The LevelEd VR system was built to explore how virtual reality can assist or improve the level design process. The initial focus was on improving or assisting the level creation process for virtual reality games by allowing designers to prototype levels in VR… [More]

LevelEd AR Slider

LevelEd AR

LevelEd AR is an iOS application and workflow aimed at using consumer grade technology to allow users to create spatially accurate maps of real world space for use in serious games built in Unity… [More]