LevelEd SR

The term substitutional reality (SR) is used to describe systems or experiences that integrate real world objects into a fully virtual environment with varying levels of accuracy. Real world objects are matched with digital proxies that allow a developer to transport the player to a completely virtual world, such as a futuristic space ship, but …

Camp Hope

Camp Hope is a 3 mission campaign for L4D2, which takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. The campaign is set in a military base in the woods of Vermont and is nick named Camp Hope by other survivors. The map supports offline single player, online co-op and online versus game modes.
I worked on this project in my spare time and it took around a month and a half to go from the planning stages to a playable map. A large section of time was spent play testing the level and iterating on geometry and game play feedback. The map is now fully playable from start to finish and would be ready for an environment artist to come on board and start detailing the level.

Tomb of Etheria

Tomb of Etheria was a map created by myself and Antony O‚ÄôSullivan for the Dungeon Defenders mapping contest using the Dungeon Defenders Development Kit (a custom version of UDK). The brief was to create a map that supports up to 6 players for the standard game type. We spent about a month working on the …